Living each day with a healthy sense of the ridiculous.


What would happen if we started seeing people
like souls with bodies
instead of bodies with souls?
Mortal still, yes.
But there’s nothing mere about eternal creatures.



One lush wedge
Dribbles down my chin;
Deep-seeded glee,
Nature’s finery
That requires a bib.

Daily Commute

Full days of manual labor and serving. Each return trip from the Ati village found us weary, contemplative. The sunset to our left. The frothy water rushing, but never daring to engulf. A streaming freshness for our sweat-stained faces. How can we be but thankful?

Pep Talk

Sometimes the happy little uke isn’t so swell to play.

Fingers stiffen. Hands cramp. Brain-weary. Laziness creeping…

Every new endeavor eventually dulls. That cloud looming overhead threatens of defeat. Confidence slips in and out of consciousness. They call it “the dip”. I guess I’ve arrived at its mouth.

But perseverance. I will master my craft. One measure at a time. In measured time.

Practice smart. Practice small. Chunks.

Never notes. Always music.

All Aboard

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Kalighat Temple

Some things aren’t meant to be photographed. Some because you are careening through a turbulent sea of autos and rickshaws and buses, and to take your focus off for a second risks you of being run over. So you don’t.

And some because you can’t. The human experience is too much. And it would be inhumane to capture the filth, the limblessness, the disease, the blindness, the begging, the shreds of garments.

The tattered souls.

All this depravity
Gathered around a temple of the violent goddess, Kali.
Her shrine, shrouded by a red-light district, offers an incense 
Of decay and blood and fear –

The numb of hopelessness.

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