Welcome to my nook of the internet.

Hullo. I’d offer you some tea, but you know, this is the internet. My friends call me Reb because there are too many Rebecca’s in the world, and because I’m sort of a rebel. You see, I look like a 20-something-year-old, but really I’m a grandma. I like smiles and snail mail and silence and getting half my to-do list done before the sun rises. I also whistle like it’s my job. But whistling doesn’t pay the knitting habit, so I head up the marketing shenanigans for this school. (To make up for it, I whistle in the hallways to pretend that’s what they’re paying me to do.) Sometimes I go to the dark side and pretend that I’m a teacher. I gather up a few crazy middle schoolers and we sit in a circle on the floor around biscuits and a pot of tea, and learn how to be better writers and ukulele players and overall human beings. To each his own, but this is how I change the world. One soul, one conversation, one cup of tea at a time.

Why I write.

It keeps me thankful. Writing is like weaving a tapestry. When I look over it, I can more easily see the grand orchestration of seemingly disconnected circumstances that make up my life. I see it from this perspective and can’t help but respond, that’s really neat, God, thanks.