Thinking Is Power

by RebShang

Thinking is power
until it is overthought
and what used to be a catalyst
now paralyzes.
The dangers of mind-dwelling.

[Written 6 October 2015]

(Hi all. This is me officially breaking my almost-year-long haitus from this blog – a purposeful one that I may explain further in a later post. What I plan to post from now on is, hopefully, less planned. Don’t worry, I’m still a lover of grammar and precision, but I’m tired of agonizing over the perfect word. Since I ceased posting, I did not cease writing. In fact, I may have written more, feeling safer to pour my soul onto vulnerable pages, in blots, in sentences and fragments, every day. As I re-read these entries, I see more fully God’s faithfulness in my life. With His glory in mind, I share my heart with you.)