The Day I Found A Bird

by RebShang

The neatest thing happened to me this past Wednesday. I walk out of my office to head to a meeting and see a bird on the ground, lying on its side and panting heavily. Well, this is strange. I need to help it. So, I gently scoop the little guy in my left palm and carry him downstairs. I head toward the nurse’s office because she’ll know what to oh wait, she mends children, not birds. So I pace the hallway. Hey, look, he’s letting me stroke his wings. About five minutes later, he begins to breathe normally. He ruffles his tail and hop-hop-hophop-hop-hops in a circle around my palm. Little creature, how are you both so cute and magnificent? He then flutters his wings and abruptly wallops himself against the glass doors of the Academic Office. Yikes, little buddy. Don’t do that. You’re startling the office folk. I scoop him up again. He sits only long enough to unrumple himself before leaping off my fingers and streaming into the great cloudy sky.

I have no video or instagram-able photo to capture what unfolded. Just these words. And that memory, that tender weight of a feathered heartbeat in my hand.