Oh, I Thought You Said

by RebShang

David is a nice brother. When I video chat with him, he listens keenly to my chatter through his neon-orange earbuds, kindly preserving our discourse from distraction or unnecessary interruption. I used to applaud myself in offering an equally acute ear. But that was long ago, in the days of Youth. Today, I lack that piercing precision so paramount to the art of conversation. Here, see for yourself.

This morning, David declared his latest triumph: he completed reading Oedipus Rex for his literature class. “What a story!” he began. With grotesque facial expressions, he proceeded to share his response to this classic tragedy – its irony, its violence, its extremes.

I smiled and nodded as he talked, but apparently could not well mask my “Reb-is-confused-but-trying-not-to-be” face.

David paused, allowing me a moment to mull and muse.

I got it.

“Oh, Oedipus Rex. I thought you said, ‘I ate a piece of rex today.'”