Unfounded Fears (Or Having A Life Crisis At Nineteen)

by RebShang

My college suitemates can tell you. My sophomore year began with nearly unjustifiable freaking-outs that I was turning the ripe old age of Nineteen. Recalling the ridiculousness of the situation in the following years of Twenty, Twenty-One, and Twenty-Two, naturally elicited nothing else but a face-palm. They were warmly embraced, greeted heartily with eagerness and enthusiasm.

But as Twenty-Three encroached this year, I glanced over at Nineteen and gave her an empathizing eye, an understanding nod.

Fears, ambiguous in nature and unfounded in source, crept upon Twenty-Three, nearly suffocating her. The anticipation of Twenty-Three was not of the light-hearted sort – there was little desire to celebrate the family ritual of the extended Birthday Week, much less the actual Birthday Day.

Yet, Twenty-Three has arrived with no less joy. She has brought with her a deeper understanding of weakness. Of depravity. Of hopelessness. Yes, these are all indeed joyous when juxtaposed with Christ’s strength, sufficiency, and grace in which I have found the greatest hope and joy.

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect when I am weak,
And all that I cling to, I lay at Your feet
Your grace is sufficient for me

~ Shane & Shane

Thank you all for faithfully reading, for faithfully praying. Thank you for the birthday wishes and your friendship, whether we are a bus stop away or twelve time-zones away. I am grateful beyond words.