How To Get Things Done Like An Empowered Single Woman

by RebShang

I have been back in Singapore but two days and, despite having moved into a new dwelling that is “out west” in Jurong East (directionally perplexing, I know), I find myself pleasantly at home. Oddly, it is currently cooler here than it was in New York, yet I find myself warming up to this country. Perhaps I will expound the non-punny part of my meaning in a later post at a later time. Because now is when I tell you my goings-on in the past forty-eight hours.

In record time, I have:

  • obliterated every speck of dust and tropical-island-mold accumulation in my room. And kitchen. And bathroom. And furniture. And.
  • dissected old furniture and built my own Floor Desk (to compliment my Standing Desk at work, of course) without using a single nail or screw. Leverage is magic, folks.
  • procured a pretty pair of cream-colored curtains. (And hung them up.)
  • installed three perfectly squared mirrors in a perfect row (without a leveler) opposing my photo wall to add a bit of dimension to my cozy nook of a room.
  • not taken a single nap. (I have prevailed, Sir Jet Lag!)
  • made friends with the DIY folks down at the Jurong East Mall who now let me return things (even though return policies don’t exist here. Except for IKEA. We like IKEA.)
  • helped Judy-tudy fix things that she bought at IKEA.

Before you think I am too easily pleased with my splendid successes and handiwork, and regard myself too highly in the ways of Getting Things Done Like An Empowered Single Woman, I must acquaint you with the new state of our bathroom. Alas, the odds are not all ever in my favor. I attempted to re-caulk the shower (attempted being the operative word) and managed to win the Best Terrible Job Ever Award. (Judy-tudy solemnly agrees.) The caulk looks like what happens when the Kraken unleashes its frenzied fury upon a tube of toothpaste. It is a sad sight to behold.

And the best part is. The water is still leaking through.