David And The Giant

by RebShang

Today, my youngest brother turns seventeen. It is odd that, in my mind, everyone else in my family ages appropriately with time, yet David is firmly branded as the ridiculously rambunctious six-year-old kid he was. It is as if a time warp hovers over only him, capsuling forever the chicken-legged boy with a cheeky grin dashing here and there in his batman pajamas.

Now, his legs are not quite so twiggy, it is his grin that is dashing, and his batman pajamas are no more (at least, I would hope so). But, you may still find him flying about, particularly with more purpose.

You see, he is a gymnast. He tames the pommel horse, raises the bar, and, like the unlikely shepherd boy, slays the giant – winning him the first place medal at the Georgia Men’s State Meet, and moving him on to Regionals.

Time is a marvelous thing. In it, we are matured, sanctified, and refined. Despite the perceptions that are and might always be held by others of what we once were, we will change. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Watch and be dazzled.