All In A Day’s Work

by RebShang

(Or Why I Got Sunburnt Even Though I Used Globs Of SPF 50)

Slowly standing to rise amidst swirling mist,
the Sun squints,
assigning simple rays to spare sea and surf and sand
from somber darkness.

Alas, such false serenity,
Not suitor or savior,
The symphonic sentiment passes
as sudden self-assurance surges this Source

to set its scale to scorch,
to sweep the skies,
to seek sacrifice – soft skin to scourge and sever.

“Scant solvent!” we seethe,
“Useless screen versus such calloused severity!”
“O Sun, we solicit respite!
Cease your searing stain, smite us no more!”

We shrink,
swiftly trace the salve that whispers sympathies,
soothes scaling scathes to solemn sighs.

Slowly setting to swim across the skyline,
“Success,” It hisses,