To Quench A Thirsty Hippo

by RebShang

Supposedly, the end of the rainy season is drawing near. The prolonged periods of cascading torrents will soon cease. The tempestuous clouds will soon lose its savage gloom, and proclaim instead cheerier, fluffier thoughts. I, however, anticipate something greater. Something grander. Something less moldy.

Despite Singapore’s first-world-ness, it cannot forsake its tropical-island-ness. Accompanying Rainy Season is its minions: Mold and Musty. To combat these fuzzy fiends, I have armed myself with Thirsty Hippos. These pink-topped dehumidifiers do their job well. But alas. The overwhelming moisture that thickens the air drowns the poor hippos and quickly moves on to its next prey. My clothes. My books. My homemade whole wheat orange zest bread.

Whole Wheat Orange Zest Bread. Nice and moldy.

‘Tis a tragedy.



(And kind of cool.)