I Want To Be A Code Monkey

by RebShang

In the past few months, I have taken on a number of projects at work that add a dash of zest to my days. Most of them are marketing related which, though no less challenging, is within my scope of comfort, so to speak. One of them, however, is not. I will freely admit that this one task has so stretched me beyond my capacity to problem-solve that I had to learn another language in order to accomplish it. I am far from fluent. Yet, I have tasted enough of it that I am completely captivated by this system of communication called coding, and the dialects with which I familiarized myself called html and css. 

When the Powers-That-Be requested a website to be designed for our school’s 20th anniversary, I merely thought, “sure, that would be fun.” I had not an inkling about the world into which I was entering. What are these modules, components, plugins, wysiwyg editors, ftp managers, and css templates? What is this garbley-goop that people call html? Why is this so hard? Why can’t I just create this through sheer will-power? Why don’t I just make a time machine instead?

Obviously, it was time to get some schoolin’. Yes, I have an account and completed the web fundamentals courses. Yes, I am continuing on track to jQuery and then JavaScript. Yes, I intend to one day build a module that intuitively creates a responsive site. Yes, I want to be a code monkey.

Just when you thought Grandma couldn’t get any geekier.



(By the way: blood, sweat, and tears later, my fearless partner-in-crime, Scot, and I now humbly present the website to launch. Three…two…one. 20years.ics.edu.sg)