A Running List

by RebShang

Interestingly, though this city-country glimmers with glamour, it equally offers much “scope for the imagination”. So, no matter where I go I always carry a little notebook with which to fill my scribbles, musings, overheards, observations, and what-it-felt-like-to-experience-such-and-suches both common and sublime.

For example, a few days ago, I witnessed a Singaporean skyline which filled me with awe and joy. Some cumulus clouds congregated collectively to configure a colossal shell-like shape wherein a rainbow burst from its center and illuminated upward and outward. So blindingly brilliant were the colors that they reflected — no, danced upon the surrounding sky and clouds. I dare not share my attempted results to capture such beauty as the photos are meager, too much a shadow to adequately represent a sight that can only be beheld in that moment. (Which is why I use words that are only a little bit less meager to share this with you.) I stood there, basking in the glorious display and reminder that God’s grace is abundant; His faithfulness, great; His mercies, new every morning.

I try to refrain from filling this notebook with to-do or grocery lists, but sometimes it cannot be helped. For example, toilet paper takes the top of the list since, of late, it has been quite the precious commodity. As the semester comes to a close, both Judy-tudy and I pray for daily strength to finish well at school. And God faithfully provides that strength. However, (and much to God’s amusement, I’m sure) we have been a tad less cognitively able (and stable) at the end of the day, thus perpetuating the usually absent disarray and entropy of our room. And our dwindling supply of toilet paper.

This leads me to my favorite kind of notebook entry: a running list of things I like about my sister. (As opposed to a strolling list, of course. You see, Judy-tudy loves to run.) Tonight, I decided to put an end to the latter perpetuation by purchasing a 24-roll pack of toilet paper. That will last us a good while, I thought to myself as I lugged my three-ply plunder up the eleven flights. I was rather pleased with myself and could not wait to see Judy-tudy’s surprised look as I walked through the door. Sure enough, she was surprised. For she had done the same for me.

Apparently, toilet paper is our love language.