Can’t Stop Grandma

by RebShang

Residing in a country that is located exactly 1.22 degrees north of the Equator makes for certain difficulties. I am by no means complaining, however. After four years of bone-chilling Grove City winters, I find solace in this reprieve of warmth. I like how the weather permits me the option of wearing sandals and a dress whenever I fancy. I like how every day is a popsicle day. I like how I receive my daily dose of vitamin D during my daily commutes and various frolickings. One of these days, I am sure that I will miss the other seasons. Take Judy-tudy for example. She sits beside me as I write this, bemoaning the fact that autumn never visits this land of perpetual summer. (Someone get that girl a pumpkin-spiced latte, post-haste!) But that day is far off. Indeed, I am rather content with this place.

Yet, there is one thing that I particularly miss. Knitting.

Grandma Reb is twitching for a project. However, Practical Reb is restraining poor, old granny. Here in Singapore, there is no need for cowls and hats and basketfuls of yarn. No need for my beautiful collection of bamboo circle needles. No need for my newly-acquired skill of a double-knit argyle pattern. But, I must confess, Practicality and No Need are squelching Grandma.

In my final post before departing America, I mentioned that I left my knitting artillery packed away in storage and that I would have to find a different octogenarian hobby. Well, magically, some of my needles and yarn appeared as I unpacked my luggage in my new home. Sneaky stowaways. I saw no use in punishing them by sending them back to old home, so I graciously decided to keep them with me. However, like children, they are tragically ungrateful. They taunt me daily that I cannot use them for any practical use.

There’s that dreadful word again. Practical. Perhaps it is time for Grandma to be impishly impractical. Otherwise, she will surely lose her sanity. It is settled then. No more scarves for this old bird. No more attempts at mittens. No more warm and cozy.

Bring on the tiny gnomes.

[Clarification: I have not yet actually crafted these deliciously cute and tiny knitted creatures. Sometimes I am that cool. But this time,  Grandma stole the above “herd of gnomes” picture from The Internets. And will find (read: steal) a pattern from said Internets later. Cheers!]