My Sister, My Hero

by RebShang

If I didn’t believe in God, I would believe in Judy-tudy. (I think the Heresy Meter just went berserk, but you mustn’t mind it. I never do.) My sister can’t do a lot of things. She can’t fly. She can’t walk through walls. She can’t even squish bugs. But, at ridiculous times (see Exhibit A), she can perform the impossible. And the numerous things she does and can do, though quite inconceivable, she does exceedingly well. Having grown up alongside this exceptional being, allow me to enlighten you of her greatness.

Exhibit A

Seriously, Judy-tudy is the Queen of Irony. A mere month ago, as I was preparing for my departure from America, I had mused about one of the greatest things Singapore had to offer the world, well, me. That is, due to its cleanliness, I would no longer have to subject myself to stepping on gum ever again. Well, Judy-tudy, in all her grandeur, has gleefully negated the gum-less guild of Singapore. As of today, she has stepped on gum not once, not twice, but thrice. What resolve, what power!

Exhibit B

More seriously, Judy-tudy is an excellent teacher. In the past few weeks, I have been privileged to observe her phenomenal process of preparation and classical, yet refreshing teaching methods. I am relieved to report that she does not, according to previously popular belief, brainwash her children.

Exhibit C

Even more seriously, Judy-tudy loves the Lord with all her heart, soul, strength, and mind. She is the epitome of kindness and compassion, exuding the love of Christ to those in her midst. She is a prayerful woman, seeking the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and guidance in her daily life. It is quite a blessing having her around by which to be sharpened. (Apparently, she is also the Queen of Iron!)


I love living in a new country with my sister. I love that we get to take care of each other, like an old married couple – squabbling at times, and squabbling some more at other times. I love that she allows me to be my own person, yet unashamedly claims me as her kid sister. It’s no wonder that she’s my hero.


[I suppose I should make some remark on how much I like Singapore, how well and quickly I am adjusting to life here, how I am satisfying my Bubble Tea obsession almost every day, how exhilaratingly fulfilling my job is in the Academic Office (at this rate, I shall be taking over the world much sooner than anticipated), and how much I enjoy being a big kid now. Perhaps another time. ;-)]