Saying Goodbye & Tying Up Loose Ends (Or Knitting Them)

by RebShang

I will miss my family. Their presence is how I define home on this earth. Yet, they are not the only ones to whom I must bid goodbye. There are things, dare I say, material things, to which I have developed a particular attachment over the years. These objects have aided in making each of our houses a home. Since I have reduced my belongings to reside into two fifty-pound suitcases, it is with sad regret that I must part with all of them. So, for my final post in the States (for a long while), I hereby commemorate it to my few favorite things:

  1. Goodbye to my extensive, though not quite yet complete, Calvin and Hobbes collection.
  2. Goodbye to my marvelous and magnificent mahogany Steinway.
  3. Goodbye to my therapeutic grandma bag of needles and yarn. (I will have to take up another, less bulky, octogenarian hobby.)
  4. Goodbye to my cuckoo clock. No other pendulum could ever transcend your cadence.
  5. Goodbye to my stuffed animal-creature friends. (Actually, three of them may or may not have passports and will journey along as stowaways in Judy-tudy’s suitcase! At least, that’s what I’ve overheard is the plan so far. One can never really know the devices of stuffed animals.)

As for loose ends, they are now all properly tied and knitted. I finished a project that ought to have been completed long ago. It is a scarf. A double-knit argyle scarf. It is for my pops. After all, you never know when it might become a tad chilly in summery Georgia. (Alright, I’ll admit it is a terribly impractical gift for the moment. But, it redeems itself by being most deliciously cozy.)

Well, the time has come. I’m off to Singapore! Farewell, farewell! See you on the other side.

[Departure Time: T-minus 5 Hours.]